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Find out how KBMax helps companies digitally transform their visual CPQ.  Do we have your curiosity peaked?  Contact us to find out how KBMax can help in your ecosystem.



A Dynamic Sales Climate

Is your business struggling to get up to speed in the B2B and B2C sales climate? In this radically modified sales shift many business are finding it essential to solidify their go-to-market strategy and processes in ensuring customers can access the supply chain. Whether you are aftermarket, service (and nearly every industry in between) we want to help you get your configurable products in front of your customer. The way we are doing business as a society has optimized. If there was ever a time to enhance your sales process - that time is now. Digital and highly configurable. None of us know exactly when or if the unthinkable interruptions will cease and all will be back to "business as usual.” What we do know is that we need to get back to business in a sustainable way now and for in the future. KBMax can help you do that!




KBMax To Go

We have the solution for SMB's. We are working with the top vendor in the CPQ space  to create a custom solution that can get your digital sales running QUICKLY.   This solution is not meant to replace its full service counterpart. A full and highly detailed version is still available as always and can be achieved when the timing is right for you to scale up. We have access to a rapidly deployed configurator that can get your product in your customer's hands whether you have the ability to work directly with your customers or not.


A rapid-deploy solution to get your sales running online now, despite the shifting economic landscape.