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10 Reasons your company doesn't need a web-based sales tool

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What is a configurator? 

in general, a configurator is a tool or an engine that lets you pick from a predefined series of options or values that will likely relate to one another and is used to generate a product or combination that can be used by someone. Configurators can live at different points in the product development lifecycle. For example, sales, engineering and manufacturing. Purchasing a car or a computer are such examples that have limited options that can result in a large number of configurations.

Purchasing a shelving unit or an entire office layout could have a near infinite number of configurations but can still be managed by a configurator. A configurator lets a user is a tool that manages components and options used when deciding what model of a product to purchase. It allows a supplier (business or seller) to present choices permitting the user to select different variations of a product. These choices are recorded and managed for a specific configuration. We offer two products for configurator development