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Windchill Workgroup Manager for SolidWorks

Combines the power of Windchill collaboration and control with the SolidWorks design tool

The ability to leverage data created during the product development process is a strategic advantage for manufacturing companies. The heterogeneous CAD capabilities of Windchill allow enterprises to capture, control, and share complex design information from SolidWorks within a single enterprise environment, and even within a single product structure.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully incorporate SolidWorks data into product development processes spanning multiple organizations
  • Eliminate mistakes from using duplicate or incomplete data by managing multi-CAD data in a single, controlled location
  • Centralize the management of business processes such as change control
  • Provide all relevant groups with accurate, up-to-date product content held in a single location
  • Improve efficiency via design data reuse and fewer design steps
  • Embed Windchill actions within SolidWorks, so designers can focus on design rather than data management