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Windchill MPMLink

The industry’s first integral solution for Manufacturing Process Management

Every day, manufacturing engineers face the challenge of ensuring that process plans, manufacturing bill-of-materials (mBOMs), and work instructions accurately reflect the current engineering design. Typically, it’s not until the design is completed that Design Engineering involves Manufacturing Engineering to define “how” and where a product is to be made. But if Manufacturing Process Management (MPM) could be done in sync with Engineering--operating on the same design data--it could positively impact product cost, accuracy of manufacturing deliverables, and development cycle time.

Windchill MPMLink – an integral PLM application designed for manufacturing engineers – is an ideal solution because it gives mechanical engineers the tools they need to digitally design and manage all of their process plan deliverables concurrently with design.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce time-to-market by enabling concurrent product and manufacturing process definition
  • Enhance efficiency of manufacturing engineers by allowing them to digitally author and manage manufacturing process plans and the associated resources
  • Lower the cost of changes by streamlining change impact identification and propagation as well as reducing the number of expensive late-stage changes
  • Improve production ramp-up and productivity by using this MPM software to efficiently optimize manufacturing processes and dynamically generate 2D and 3D work instructions
  • Improve product quality by reducing scrap and rework
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership by eliminating multiple legacy and MS Office-based solutions