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Windchill Integration for Rational ClearCase

Combines the power of Windchill collaboration & control with Rational ClearCase

Software is an important part of many products today, yet many companies choose not manage software content as an integral part of their product data. This disconnect causes a myriad of problems, including a lack of synchronization between the appropriate versions of software, mechanical and electronic data.

The optional Windchill Integration for Rational ClearCase module provides a complete solution to these problems because it enables you to precisely manage your software source code with the rest of your product data, keeping it properly synchronized with the right MCAD and ECAD content.

Features & Benefits

  • Synchronizes mechanical, electrical, and software disciplines by relating what versions of software / firmware go with what versions of hardware and electronics
  • Provides project management, design reviews, version management and change management capabilities
  • Improves global change control with software defect tracking and released software artifacts under enterprise change control
  • Provides traceability of software and all other product data stored in various databases and systems
  • Improves management of highly dynamic software development process
  • Improves geographically dispersed design, testing, and manufacturing through eternal collaboration while protecting IP