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Windchill Gateway for I-deas

Capture I-deas TDM design data within Windchill, for use in the overall product configuration

With the Windchill Gateway for I-deas TDM module, designers can now perform everyday tasks in their familiar I-deas/TDM environment while leveraging the powerful process and content management capabilities of Windchill.

Incorporating I-deas TDM data within Windchill allows you to capture and control your design information within a single enterprise environment, manage the data under a single product structure, and easily leverage that information across the extended organization in a controlled manner.

Features & Benefits

  • Improve collaboration by including I-deas TDM design data with the wider enterprise in terms of business processes and procedures
  • Improve data quality by managing data from multiple MCAD and ECAD/EDA systems in a single, controlled location under the umbrella of a single product structure
  • Increase enterprise efficiency by enforcing standard design processes across multiple design projects and organizations
  • Improve engineer productivity by reusing design data and reducing the number of design steps