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Product and process control

Data that’s hard-to-find or unreliable can hinder innovation and productivity for any manufacturing team. However, when all product stakeholders are accessing a single, trusted, central data repository, manufacturers have the power to expertly manage all forms of digital product development data – including mechanical, electrical and software.

Windchill PDMLink is the ideal solution. Web-based for easy enterprise-wide access, this industry-proven product data management (PDM) system supports geographically dispersed teams while managing critical processes such as change/configuration management, and release to manufacturing. Now anyone, anywhere within the enterprise or extended supply chain can communicate and collaborate on product development by accessing the tools in Windchill PDMLink.

Features & Benefits

  • A Web-based master product data management repository, enabling global access to current, accurate information from myriad sources
  • Seamlessly connects to multiple mechanical/electrical CAD applications, desktop applications and Enterprise Resource Planning systems
  • Prevents costly design errors by controlling and automating typically chaotic product change management processes
  • Facilitates rapid development of new product configurations through reuse of previously designed product configurations
  • Operates seamlessly with Creo Elelments/Pro and Windchill ProjectLink for distributed, cross-enterprise collaboration on data acquisition and product information