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PartsLink Classification and Reuse

Integral parts management

Part duplication and part number proliferation are inefficient and expensive. By reusing existing designs via an online catalog, you can reduce both cost and time-to-market. Windchill PartsLink Classification and Reuse – an integral option for Windchill PDMLink – allows you to organize internal design libraries and make them available to your engineering team through flexible, easy-to-use, Web-based library searching mechanisms.

Users can quickly and effectively find and reuse preferred parts by comparing important functional, physical, supply chain, and environmental compliance characteristics. Plus, with the software’s guided navigation tools, you can dramatically increase the likelihood that designers will locate and reuse existing parts instead of creating new, redundant ones.

Features & Benefits

  • Design product or part classification schemas and develop content for structured product information systems
  • Support design reuse and provide decision support tools through parts classification and parametric search
  • Optimize the creation, use and reuse of designs at all points in the product development process
  • Increased engineering productivity, through parametric searches, graphical navigation, and built-in 3D visualization tools
  • Parts management drives faster time to market, better sourcing decisions, increased engineering productivity