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Signal Processing Extension

Provides a Powerful Design Solution for Iterative Exploration & Investigative Analysis

With its extensive signal processing, analysis and visualization capabilities, the Signal Processing Extension Pack is ideal for electrical design, DSP, audio, recording and research engineers, as well as other engineers and scientists involved in a broad range of signal processing applications, in industries such as telecommunications, test and instrumentation, manufacturing, defense, control systems, medicine and more. It is also a valuable tool for students studying electrical engineering.

This robust Mathcad add-on tool provides a total of over 70 built-in signal processing functions, including new functionality in signal filtering, spectral analysis, time-frequency analysis and spectral estimation. In addition, new Visual Basic application examples illustrate how to use Visual Basic scripting with Mathcad for signal processing applications. The Extension Pack also gives you full support for multi-channel and complex signals, and provides Window arguments for all filtering signals.

Mathcad's easy-to-use environment is ideal for iterative exploration, investigative analysis and what-if scenarios. Plus, the Signal Processing Extension Pack builds upon Mathcad's superior technical design environment, so you can incorporate your signal processing work with publication-quality technical documents, graphs and presentations created in Mathcad.

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