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Image Processing Extension

The Essential Tools for Image Processing, Analysis & Visualization

The Image Processing Extension Pack, coupled with Mathcad, provides a powerful solution for iterative exploration and investigative analysis. With its extensive image processing, analysis and visualization capabilities, this Extension Pack is ideal for research scientists and engineers, design engineers, system analysts and image specialists working on imaging applications across many industries, including defense, photography, medicine, manufacturing, law enforcement and multimedia. It is also a valuable tool for students studying electrical engineering or computer sciences.

This robust Mathcad add-on tool provides a total of over 140 built-in image processing functions, including over 50 new and enhanced capabilities for filtering, morphology, edge detection, segmentation and feature extraction. In addition to this added imaging power, Mathcad's regular matrix operations and numerics are on your desktop to help you fully analyze images stored in matrix form.

The Image Processing Extension Pack also offers an interactive image viewer for easy manipulation, various file formats to make it easier to work with other applications, and expanded electronic documentation with templates and application examples. And because the Image Processing Extension Pack builds upon Mathcad's superior technical design environment, you can incorporate your image processing work with publication-quality technical documents, graphs and presentations created in Mathcad.

Combined with your Mathcad desktop, this Extension Pack provides all the depth and breadth found in competing products, along with superior ease-of-use, flexibility and extensibility.

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