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Electrical Engineering Library

Critical Resources for Electrical Engineers Working in Mathcad

The Electrical Engineering Library provides hundreds of standard calculation procedures, formulae and reference tables used by electrical engineers. Because these are delivered electronically for use within Mathcad, you can apply these resources every day with ease. Explanatory text and examples give you detailed background and guidance on how to use the equations. Best of all, each title comes with word search, a hyperlinked table of contents and hyperlinked indexing. Once you install the new Electrical Engineering Library CD, you gain immediate access to an interactive, electrical engineering reference library at any time from your Mathcad menu bar.

Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Hicks'
Adapted from the Standard Handbook of Engineering Calculations (edited by Tyler G. Hicks), this title delivers electrical and electronics engineering formulae and procedures, supported with explanatory text, tables and figures.

Electrical Power Systems Engineering
Electrical Power Systems Engineering Fundamental concepts for modeling electrical power distribution systems, providing analysis techniques necessary to design a functioning system, and locating possible difficulties in a proposed design. Immediately apply hundreds of calculation procedures to find solutions in the design and implementation of power distribution and power conversion systems.

Topics in Mathcad: Electrical Engineering
Useful Mathcad problem-solving techniques in the context of common design calculations from several different branches of electrical engineering, such as circuit analysis or digital filter design. These applications use Mathcad's complex arithmetic, matrix operators, equation solving power, and plotting capabilities to provide a reference source of Mathcad methods and formulas.

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