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Data Analysis Extension

Analyze Data Patterns & Relationships with More Accuracy

Engineers' time is valuable and limited. They must produce more efficiently and with better quality. And they must meet their individual, departmental and organizational goals of reducing errors, improving collaboration among peers and speeding up time-to-market cycles.

The Data Analysis Extension Pack solidifies those objectives because it allows engineers to easily import, manipulate and analyze data in Mathcad Enterprise.

Designed with industrial applications in mind, the Data Analysis Extension Pack provides robust methods for:

  • Nonparametric fitting and interpolation, including statistically based bsplines and rational and Thiele interpolation
  • Preconditioning of data, including outlier detection and removal, smoothing and Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
  • Regression, including linear, nonlinear and rational polynomial least-squares fit functions

Developed with input from Mathcad users in a variety of enterprise organizations, some of the top features and functions that customers have requested and are found in this extension pack include:

  • The latest technology in fitting algorithms for quicker, more robust, more accurate formulas
  • Ability to import multiple and large-scale files in a variety of formats, such as Excel, binary and fixed-width text, including an interactive data preview to help import complicated or non-standard formats correctly
  • Usability features for managing and searching data matrices
  • Capability to evaluate data visually and qualitatively to determine the best course of exploratory data analysis
  • Documentation that includes examples of commonly used analysis scenarios with real data
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