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Creo Elements/Direct Surfacing

Add more style to products

Creo Elements/Direct (formerly CoCreate) allows you to immediately realize the proven performance of PTC’s industry-leading design solutions today while putting you on the path to achieve break-through productivity gains with Creo.

Creo Elements/Direct Surfacing, an integrated module inside Creo Elements/Direct Modeling, is perfect for companies and industrial designers who want to create appealing and ergonomic products. Creo Elements/Direct Surfacing provides powerful and robust surfacing capabilities so you can create stylized surfaces and design freeform shapes. The combination of freeform surfacing and solid modeling in one environment offers unlimited flexibility to use a mix of core surfacing and 3D functionality to produce innovative product designs.

Features & Benefits

  • Provide greater control over ergonomic surfaces with skinning or sweeping curved meshes
  • Reduce the profiles needed to create stylized shapes with guided loft – a combination of sweep and loft techniques
  • Drive freeform shapes faster with additional sweep options such as bi-rail, constant bi-rail, and twist angle
  • Create models quickly from any surface with thicken, extrude, and offset techniques
  • Modify the definition of surfaces through simple push or pull techniques
  • Explore alternative surface shapes intuitively with Surface Editor, including those imported from other systems
  • Verify ergonomic appeal and design for manufacturability with surface and angle analyses
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