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*Guaranteed to Run

Courses marked as "Guaranteed to Run" will not be canceled as long as there is at least 1 student **pre-registered in the course.


Pre-registration is considered when a students signs up at least five (5) business days prior to a course start date. 

Class Cancellation Policy

Integreyt reserves the right to cancel classes five (5) business days or more before the class start date. In such unfortunate circumstances, we will make every effort to re-enroll the student in a similar class in the same facility or near the same start date, depending on the student's preference. However, certain classes are subject to a special "guaranteed to run" policy that ensures the class will not be canceled, even if there is only one student enrolled. These classes are marked with a on the schedule search results page.


Student Cancellation/Change Policy

In order to reschedule your class OR cancel your class and receive a full refund, Integreyt must be notified in writing (email: mdriscoll@integreyt.com) at least 11 business days prior to the class start date. Any cancellations or changes made after the 11 business day window will be charged 100% of the class price, even if payment information has not yet been received. Note: You may substitute the learner assigned to the class registration at any time with no additional charge. If payment information is not received within 5 business days of registration, the registration may be canceled and you will still be held responsible for payment. If you have registered less than 11 days before the start of the class and we haven't received payment information within 5 business days, your registration may be canceled and you will still be held responsible for payment.