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Who is Integreyt?

For over a decade, Integreyt has been helping customers succeed in all aspects of Product Lifecycle Management. Integreyt was established in 1996 as a trusted source in implementing and upgrading Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), data management and CAD software. We have since become a full service provider offering software and training in addition to our expert services. We have a team of qualified professionals who are veterans in the field. Our mission is to provide superior services from our honest and dedicated staff. Our goal is to see your business not only succeed, but to excel in the market.

As one of the longest running service providers in the nation, we’ve been working with PTC’s Windchill products since its inception. Our company was founded on data management products and we pride this as our competitive advantage over the competition.

INTEGREYT is a proud partner of PTC to sell PTC branded software and training services. Our knowledgeable consultants will guide you to the correct solution to meet your needs. As part of this relationship we will always consider that our customers are spending their dollars wisely and will only recommend products that your specific business will actually benefit from.

We work with small and medium businesses as well large corporate firms. We have experience in every industry. We are in the business of innovation – and we strive to bring you the latest.

Our Philosophy

At INTEGREYT, we not only practice what we preach, we service what we sell. We have specialized expertise in the products and services that we offer. From automotive to heavy industrial, our team of consultants can help you Integreyt your data and 3D CAD systems with any or all of your operation.

We believe in treating our customer’s pains as a whole. We can help you alleviate the difficulties as well as improve your overall processes. The ability to do this comes from years of field experience working hands on with customers in diverse situations. Our focus is always on improving the product development process – bottom line.

Our Promise

We never pressure sell your company into purchasing something you do not need. Our business is your success. We will always do everything to ensure each customer receives optimal service. Integreyt is truly your no pressure reseller.